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Becker Automotive Design is the leader in luxury conversion vehicles. We pride ourselves in creating true European luxury interiors that are as productive as they are beautiful. Becker's Cadillac Escalade Mobile office and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van Mobile Office allow you to work on the road in a stress free environment, wasting no time as you travel to your destination. With Becker's superior background in electronics and the use of Creston touch control systems, Becker vehicles define easy to use, sophisticated technology.

The Becker Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Conversion, named the JetVan™, is in a class of its own. Using innovations from the aviation industry, the JetVan™ gives you the comfort and feeling of traveling in a private aircraft. With rear seating ranging from 4 to 7 passengers depending upon the Sprinter chassis and floor plan

selected, the Becker JetVan™ provides discretion with unmatched interior comfort and leading edge productive capabilities. The Cadillac Escalade ESV Conversion uses the same concepts and approaches as the JetVan™, employing the smaller SUV Chassis. Perfect for principals traveling in rear compartment privacy alone, or with one other VIP and up to two assistants.

Utilizing the best in class from Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac, Becker conversion vehicles present the world's safest and most reliable customized private limousines ever offered. We welcome you to enjoy our large picture galleries, review the options we offer and request price quotations. Please also read about Becker's 30+ years in the automotive industry.